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Tank Connection L.L.C.

The global leader in storage containment

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+1 620 4233010 +1 620 4233999

115-A South 18th St., Suite 212
Parsons, KS 67357
United States

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Last updated: Dec 13, 2018

About Tank Connection L.L.C.

The global leader in storage containment

Only ONE Company offers the complete performance package in dry bulk and liquid storage applications. The Tank Connection Affiliate Group is an integrated family of companies that specialize in liquid and dry bulk storage applications worldwide. Unlike tank suppliers that offer a single choice in tank construction, TC is the only tank manufacturer that designs, fabricates and installs all four types of steel storage tanks including Bolted RTP (rolled, tapered panel), Field-weld, Shop-weld and Hybrid Tank construction.

TCAG storage products and services not only command the highest quality ratings in the industry, but our process operations are vertically integrated, which promotes our global position as a competitive price leader.

The Tank Connection Affiliate Group is a collection of the recognized experts in RTP (rolled, tapered panel), API 12B (flanged panel), FP (flat panel), Field-weld, Shop-weld and Hybrid tank fabrication. With over 2100 years of combined experience in storage applications, Tank Connection stands alone as a global leader in storage containment.

Our Products in the Dry Bulk Area

• Mineral Storage Tanks

• FGD & Limestone Storage Systems

• Power Utility Storage

• Chemical Storage Tanks

• Cement Terminals

• Frac Sand Storage

• Food Storage

• Plastic Resin Storage

• Ag & Meal Storage

• Biomass Storage

• Mass Flow Storage Systems

Products and Services

Tank Connection is the industry leader in bolted, field-weld, shop-weld and hybrid storage tanks for both dry bulk and liquid tank applications. In todays market, integrated storage systems are available that remove the problems of yesterday. We specialize in integrated storage systems, prescribing the right tank design tailored for your requirements and the unique qualities of the material stored. Would mass flow (first-in/first out) product discharge minimize problems in your process stream? Does your stored material tend to bridge, segregate or degradate during fill or discharge cycles? Are you concerned about the durability of your tank coating for a certain liquid application? If you have questions about dry bulk or liquid storage, Tank Connection can provide the answers.

We always welcome the opportunity to be of assistance to our customers and provide the following services:

• Over the phone answers and consulting services
• Tank specification development tailored per your requirements
• Prompt tank quotations including field installation
• Auxiliary equipment quotations including field installation
• Field installation services of customer supplied equipment
• Material testing services through an independent consultant
• Customer service on tank parts, retrofits, field repair & maintenance

We remedy the storage problems of the past by prescribing the correct variables of hopper slope, outlet size, outlet configurations, materials of construction & surface finish, active flow-aid devices, passive flow-aid devices, internal & external coatings systems, applicable codes and the correct flow type required for reliable material flow. Our proprietary coating systems, Fusion 5000 FBE™ & LIQ Fusion 7000 FBE™, exceed the competition in durability, performance and cost-effectiveness.

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