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KEMUTEC Group Inc.

Powder Processing Equipment & Packages

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+1 215 7888013 +1 215 7885113

130 Wharton Road
Bristol, PA 19007
United States

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Last updated: Jul 31, 2017

About KEMUTEC Group Inc.

Kemutec is a long established supplier of Powder Processing and Handling Equipment, Systems and Components.

With a reputation for premium quality products and services, Kemutec provides custom engineered process solutions for powders used in the Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Environmental Industries.

Supplying the Kek, Gardner, PPS, GKM and Mucon brand names, Kemutec specializes in size reduction, sifting, mixing technologies, and flow control for the powder processing industries. Our line includes

Kek Centrifugal Sifters
GKM Tumbler Screeners
Kek Kibbler / Pre-Breakers Mills
Kek Cone Mills
PPS Air Classifier Mills
Kek Universal Mills
Gardner Mixers and Blenders
Mucon Iris Diaphragm Valves
Mucon Butterfly Valves
Mucon Slide Gate Valves
Mucon Disc Valves
Mucon Discharge Aids
Mucon Level Indicators


Kek Centrifugal Sifters
Class leading centrifugal sifter for high-efficiency and high-capacity powder sifting. It features a cantilever shaft for rapid screen changes and easy access to the internals for cleaning etc.
- 7 model size range
- Rates up to 200,000 lb/hr
- Screen down to 35µ

GKM Tumbler Screeners
Multi-deck tumbler screener for high capacity multiple separations and classification
- Up to 6 decks per machine
- Model size range – 600 – 2,600 mm dia.
- Screens down to 20µ

Kek Kibbler Pre-Breakers
A high-torque, slow speed horizontal lump breaker with integral screen for accurate size classification. Low heat generation and minimal dust generation
- Cantilever shaft available
- 5 model size range
- Rate up to 50,000 lb/hr

Kek Cone Mills
The most versatile intermediate mill for powder grinding and de-agglomeration. Varied processing parameters for infinite milling profiles.
- 7 model size range
- Top and under-driven options
- Mills down to a D50 of 250µ

Kek Universal Mills
A single platform high-energy one-pass mill for fine powder grinding. Interchangeable grinding media with pin, turbine and rib track options available to satisfy most applications.
- 5 model size range
- Up to 125 hp drive
- Milled powder D50<100µ

PPS Air Classifier Mills
Controlled ultra-fine powder milling with an integral air classifier. Results in tight particle size distribution
- 11 model size range
- Up to 300 hp drive
- Milled D50 < 20µ

Gardner Ribbon Mixers
The gentle mixing action of the ribbon agitator provides consistent blending results time after time. Available for batch and continuous blending processes.
- Size range from 35 to 100,000 liters
- Gentle mixing action
- Easy clean design

Gardner Plow Mixers
High energy batch mixer for rapid and efficient blending of powders & various additives. Ideal for extending colors, cutting-in fats and applications requiring a high-shear process.
- 50 to 25,000 liter batch sizes
- Fitted with side intensifiers for additional shear energy
- Bomb-door discharge port for rapid emptying

Gardner Double Cone Blenders
A gentle tumble action batch blender for free-flowing powders and granules. Ideal for fragile and abrasive products alike because of it’s low-shear action.
- 20 to 100,000 liter size range
- Total discharge – not product retention
- Hygienic design – no internal seals

Mucon Flow Control Valves

Mucon Iris Diaphragm Valves
Mucon Iris Diaphragm Valve (IDV) utilizes a concentrically closing fabric or rubber diaphragm to accurately control the flow of powders and granular material. Ideal for “trickle-feed” applications and shutting off against a flow of material.
- 6 model ranges - hand, pneumatic or motorized options
- No jamming (no mechanical components in contact with product)
- Full bore opening (no restriction to product flow) to trickle feed capability

Mucon Disc Valves
Mucon Disc Valves are proven high-quality isolation valves, with the ability to shut-off against a flow of powder without jamming or leaking.
- Range of sizes from 4 in. to 12 in. diameter
- Manual and pneumatic operation
- Total shut-off to full bore opening

Mucon Slide Gate Valves
The Mucon Slide Gate Valve provides the latest in advanced Slide Gate Valve technology for the powder & bulk solids handling industries.
- 4 in. to 12 in. diameter size range
- Moving orifice slide plate
- Pneumatic, hand wheel and manual operation available

Mucon Hygienic Oyster™ Butterfly Valves
Mucon is proud to present the ultimate in Hygienic Oyster™ Butterfly Valves.
- 4 in. to 12 in. diameter size range
- Manual or pneumatic operation
- Easy strip down for cleaning and maintenance

Mucon Promo-flow Discharge Aids
The Mucon PromoFlow is the ideal solution for assisting the discharge of product from hoppers, silos and IBCs. The custom-made internally mounted screens are specially designed to transmit vibration directly into the product preventing material bridging, rat-holing or segregation during discharge.
- Large size range from small hoppers to large silos
- Custom designed to suit bin size and application
- Multiple screen shapes and designs

Spares and Testing

Sifter Screens
Kemutec makes and supplies screens for all types and sizes of Kek Centrifugal Sifters. In addition, we also make replacement screens for Centrifugal Sifters from other manufacturers.

Kemutec offers comprehensive product testing facilities in our Technical Center located in Bristol, PA. Fully equipped to demonstrate full-scale production, pilot and lab-size equipment, the facility allows for first-hand evaluation & recording of material processing trials.

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