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Russell Finex N.V.

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+32 15 275919 +32 15 219335

Zandvoortstraat 20
Mechelen 2800

2019 2018
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Last updated: Apr 28, 2017

About Russell Finex N.V.

Here at Russell Finex we serve almost every industry in the world with high quality equipment to ensure your final product meets the specification required. A vibratory sieve or liquid filter forms part of the process when producing almost every manufactured item in use today.

You can select an option from the list below to read more about a specific industry. This list represents the industries we most commonly cater for, but it is by no means exhaustive.


Food & Beverage





Metal Powders

Water Processing


Our Products

Check Screeners

• Russell Compact Sieve

• Compact Airlock Sieve

• Compact 3in1 Sieve

• Compact Airswept Sieve

• Compact Self-Loading Sieve

• Finex 22 Sieve

• Blow Thru Sieve

• Mini Sifter

• Turbo Sieve

Grading Sieves

Liquid Solid Separation

Self-Cleaning Filters

Case Studies

Demonstration Videos