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MTI - Mischtechnik International GmbH

MTI Mixers - Highest Quality

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+49 5231 9140 +49 5231 914299

Ohmstraße 8
32758 Detmold

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Last updated: Apr 12, 2017

About MTI - Mischtechnik International GmbH

MTI has been a leading international manufacturer of mixing and processing machines for high throughput rates since 1975. It is renowned for its high quality and performance.

Our Vertical Mixers, Horizontal Mixers and Heating/Cooling Mixer Combinations are doing a great job all over the world in the plastics and chemical industries.

In addition, we have the expertise and the experience to develop a whole range of customized solutions to satisfy the needs of our partners in a wide variety of industrial sectors.

As an owner-managed family business, we attach major importance to short paths of communication, quick reactions and outstanding quality. We manufacture all our mixing systems exclusively in Germany at our site in Detmold. With an export quota of over 80, MTI is well-positioned globally.

MTI Mixers – Highest quality

Three factors are essential for outstanding quality and longevity of MTI mixing systems:

• highly-qualified employees
• the best materials
• the latest technologies

MTI employees receive the best education, are continuously trained to increase their skills and have decades of experience. Some have worked with the company for more than 30 years, their valuable knowledge contributing significantly to the quality of MTI mixing systems.

All MTI mixers are manufactured with high precision and from high-quality materials. 15 to 36 assemblies first arise from 2,500 to 6,000 machine parts in the first assembly step. In the second step, the assemblies are mounted to customer-specific mixers and subsequently equipped with State-of-the-Art control electronics according to current European safety regulations.

The whole production takes place under constant quality control in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

Before an MTI mixer leaves the plant, it is first checked for proper function and that it meets all customer requirements.

Important Product Links

The revolution of the conventional concept in batch mixing and the new benchmark for efficiency and so far unrivalled flexibility. The six axes of the robot allow almost any motion of the mixing container, even for processes without rotating mixing tools.

Vertical High-Speed Mixer Type M
Our vertical high-speed mixers are universal friction mixers for free-flowing raw materials, with and without the addition of liquids.

Vertical Universal Mixer Type UT Uni tec
A future-oriented line of mixers with high energy efficiency and maximum productivity combined with predefined mixing quality.

Horizontal Cooling Mixer Type K
The high-performance cooling mixer, not only for applications in PVC processing

Horizontal Universal Mixer Type H
The well-proven MTI horizontal mixer for mixing, dispersing, granulating, coating, heating/cooling and drying of products for virtually all applications and industry sectors

Heating/Cooling Mixer Combination Type M/K – Flex-line
For 40 years the proven standard to meet the highest requirements on mixing quality also for demanding tasks relating to dry blending, compounding, coating etc.

Heating/Cooling Mixer Combination Type M/K – Eco-line
With the Eco-line, MTI offers standardized heating/cooling mixer combinations with excellent throughput rates at an outstanding price. Uncompromising technology with very low operating costs

Laboratory Mixer Type M
The universal solution for trial mixtures and small-scale production runs of bulk goods – perfect for mixing, coating, compounding and granulating in the laboratory and pilot plant