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Yangzhou FusionBMH Engineering Co.,Ltd

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Xian Jiaotong University Industrial Zone A3-2
Yangzhou City, Jiangsu, 225200

2019 2018
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Last updated: Dec 3, 2018

About Yangzhou FusionBMH Engineering Co.,Ltd

Yangzhou FusionBMH Engineering Co.,Ltd specializes in thecomplete design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of bulk material handling systems. FusionBMH designs and manufactures bulk material handling systems and equipments for cement, power generation, mining, chemical, port and other industries.
FusionBMH can provide complete systems starting at the conceptual phase, and proceeding through the initial investigation, budgeting, engineering, design, manufacturing, erection and commissioning phases. FusionBMH has specialized capability to supply innovative, effective, reliable and maintainable bulk material handling system.
FusionBMH has the flexibility to work with our clients on many levels:
- Complete system design, furnish, construct and commissioning on a turnkey approach
- Complete system design, furnish and commissioning
- Furnish the equipment for system that have been designed by our client or by our client’s engineer
- Modification or update of the existing bulk material handling system
With passion, perseverance, credibility, technical know-how and the dedication to satisfy customers’ demands, FusionBMH provides worldwide clients with quality solutions, equipments and services.
Belt Conveyors
Stacker and Bridge Scraper Reclaimer
Stacker and Side Scraper Reclaimer
Stacker and Portal Scraper Reclaimer
Tripper and Semi-portal Scraper Reclaimer
Circular Stacker Bridge Scraper Reclaimer
Circular Stacker Portal Scraper Reclaimer
Circular Stacker Side Scraper Reclaimer
Bucket Wheel Stacker Reclaimer
Bridge Type Bucket Wheel Reclaimer

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