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NuernbergMesse China Co. Ltd.

NürnbergMesse GmbH is among the TOP six German exhibition companies

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+86 21 60361220 +86 21 52284011

Rm. 3508-3510, Tower 1, Kerry Everbright City
Shanghai 200070

2018 2017
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Clicks 213 319

Last updated: Aug 5, 2016

About NuernbergMesse China Co. Ltd.

NürnbergMesse China Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of NürnbergMesse, Germany and chose Shanghai as the operational headquarter of the company. NürnbergMesse GmbH is among the TOP six of Germany` s exhibition companies and among the TOP 20 exhibition companies worldwide.

NürnbergMesse GmbH hosts over 50 international trade fairs each year with different themes such as IT, Food and leisure, health and nursing, pharmacy and biotechnology, and provides over 220,000 s.q.m. of exhibition infrastructure. Moreover, the new Congress Center is among the most outstanding conference centers regarding design and technology in Europe.

The city of Nuremberg has a long tradition of serving as a junction for international trade and commerce. Located in Germany as the largest economy in Europe and Bavaria as the richest Federal State in Germany, the Metropol Region- Nuremberg is among the regions with the highest purchasing power and economic potential in Europe. The convenient transportation network and central geographic position makes Nuremberg one of the most dynamic and progressive exhibition locations in the world.

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