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Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering

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Last updated: May 29, 2016

About Tsinghua University

The Department of Material Science and Engineering (MSE), one of young departments at Tsinghua University, was created in 1988 by merging materials-related parts from Departments of Chemical Engineering, Engineering Physics, and Mechanical Engineering at Tsinghua. Since then, the MSE at Tsinghua has grown, and become a top MSE department in the materials field around China based on its academic program, its highly regarded faculty, and the high caliber of its students.

The MSE department involves the classic materials fields of metals, ceramics and composites science in combination with fundamental disciplines like solid state physics and chemisty. Since no individual has the necessary breadth of knowledge in all of these fields, the MSE department has adopted a multidisciplinary approach to research and eduction. The MSE Department of Tsinghua offers on interdisciplinary graduote program in Materials Science and Engineering.

Faculty and student research ranges from the purely scientific to applied studies and involves perspectives of chemistry, physics, electronics, and biology. The current research areas of the faculty in the MSE department includes:

(1) materials in information technology;
(2) materials in health and biotechnology;
(3) materials in energy and environment;
(4) materials in transportation and security;
(5) nanomaterials; and
(6) computational materials science.

The MSE department has close collaborations with other departments on campus. In fact, in order to enhance such collaborations, on interdisciplinary research school, School of Materials Science and Engineering, was created in 1997 based on the MSE department. This research School brings together the faculty in MSE department with a number of materials-related faculty in the Departments of Chemical Engineering, Physics, and Chemistry.

Chinese information network of powder technology ( CINPT ) is sponsored by China Industry Association and run by Powder Technology R&D Group in Tsinghua University. And our web is supported by nearly twenty associations, involving material, environmental engineering, chemical engineering, mining, foodstuff, abrasive, agriculture, medicine, metallurgy, machine, paint and so on. We also establish contacts with correlative parties in Japanese, America, Germany, etc, in the exchange of information and data.

CINPT contents: business consultation, exhibition on the web, powder business affairs, international exchange, policy and statute, nanotechnology, exhibition/conference, China west, expert introduction in powder technology and so on.

CINPT regularly holds acadimics and technology exchange with experts from America, Japanese, Germany, Canada, Thailand, Malaysia, China Taiwan as well as other countries and regions, which makes CINPT more infuenced both at home and abroad. As an opening and developing country, China needs more information exchange both in powder processing technology and marketing of processed powder materials.

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