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Chinese Society of Particuology

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Last updated: May 29, 2016

About Chinese Society of Particuology

The Chinese Society of Particuology ( CSP ), inaugurated on September 18, 1986, is a voluntary organization of workers in research, development and application of the science and technology of particles. The word PARTICUOLOGY is coined to parallel the Chinese title for the science and technology of particles, ( ke-li-xue ), by combining the Latin prefix particula for particles and the Greek suffix logia denoting subject of study. The diversified subject material of particuology is represented by measurement and characterization of particles, formation and agglomeration of particles, separation of particles from gas and liquid, transport of granular solids, fluidization, comminution, pelletization, aerosol science and technology, etc.

The society is dedicated to fostering liaison and exchange among its members through scientific and technical symposia and seminars of both a national and international nature, and to disseminating knowledge on particles through continuing education and publication in the form of scientific transactions and of journals on news and other items of current interest. Its ultimate objective is to serve the country’s needs for modernization. At the moment, CSP has a membership of more than 1400 professionals, in addition to 37 corporate members, distributed throughout the major cities.