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ECUTEC Barcelona s.l.

Finest in Mineral Processing

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+34 93 2477700 +34 93 2477701

Gran Via Corts Catalanes 641, 6º 4°
Barcelona 08010

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Last updated: Oct 13, 2017

About ECUTEC Barcelona s.l.

ECUTEC is specialized in system supply for Oilfield and Industrial Minerals.

Besides manufacturing high efficiency classifiers and mills, ECUTEC also offers complete process solutions for any kind of Mineral. Not only size reduction and separation but also surface treatment of powders is a specialty of ECUTEC.

Some examples of applications are:

Industrial Minerals
- Calcium Carbonate, Dolomite, Lime, Gypsum, Graphite etc.
- Silica, Zircon Oxide, Aluminium Oxide, Nepheline, Feldspar, etc.
- Talc, Mica, Slate, etc.
- Kaolin, China Clay, etc.
- Diatomite, Activated Carbon etc.

Oilfield Minerals
- Barite, Bentonite etc.
- Bauxite, Metakaoline, Flyash, etc.
- Ceramic Proppant

ECUTEC can offer the most suitable design for each application due to many years of experience on plant suppliers as well as operators side. The special designed and high quality machines are manufactured in Germany to guarantee high final product quality and extremely high reliability and plant availability.

Typical ECUTEC machines which are offered in process solutions are:
Ball Mills, Pin Mills, Roller Mills, Jet Mills, Alpha / NEA / TFS -Turbo Classifiers, ULS - Dynamic Classifier, Coating System

Please contact ECUTEC if you need to modify an existing process, need a standalone classifying or grinding system or if you need a complete turn-key plant.

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