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Martin Engineering

We make bulk materials handling cleaner, safer and more productive.

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+1 309 8522384 +1 800 8141553

One Martin Place
Neponset, IL 61345
United States

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Last updated: Feb 2, 2017

About Martin Engineering


Established in 1944, Martin Engineering is the leading international developer, manufacturer and supplier of innovations to make the handling of bulk materials cleaner, safer and more productive. Martin offers technologies that boost flow, reduce dust and spillage, extend component life and reduce downtime, resulting in improved operating environments and increased profitability.

Our Global Team of experts from every part of the world, work together to produce and manufacture high quality products that deserve the Martin seal of approval. Our service technicians average 27 years of experience in bulk material handling. Our product engineers and development teams work side by side with our sales and service leaders to share innovative ideas within our corporate community around the globe and to help facilitate the development of new products that make bulk material handling cleaner, safer and more productive worldwide. This experience and expertise made Martin Engineering the leader in bulk material handling solutions.

Martin Engineering has a reputation for high-quality products and skilled, dedicated employees. But more importantly, we have a reputation for partnering with our customers to develop solutions that best suit their problems and make their jobs easier. Our Certified Conveyor Technicians are in the field working side by side with our customers and see firsthand what the issues are and how best to provide the solutions for their individual problem.

Because we work so closely with our customers, we know firsthand what the problems are, not just by industry but by individual plant. Our technicians then provide this information to our Product and Development team who work continuously developing new technologies that enhance and improve our current products while always thinking ahead to develop advanced technologies that will provide new solutions.

Developing strong relationships with our customers is the only way to maintain that knowledge base which continues to feed innovation in Research and Development and provide unique, practical solutions to age-old problems.

Martin Engineering is headquartered in Neponset, IL (USA) with business locations in Mexico, Brazil, China, France, Germany, United Kingdom, South Africa, Turkey, Indonesia, India, Canada, Australia, Peru, Russia.

Problem Solved Guaranteed.™

Global representatives for Martin Engineering can be found at:

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