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AKO Armaturen & Separationstechnik GmbH

Leading Pinch Valve Manufacturer

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+49 61 4791590 +49 61 47915959

Adam-Opel-Str. 5
65468 Trebur/Astheim

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Last updated: Nov 15, 2018

About AKO Armaturen & Separationstechnik GmbH

Premium Pinch Valve from manufacturer AKO

AKO Armaturen & Separationstechnik GmbH is the global market leader for air operated Pinch Valves. AKO is a family-run company, which has been manufacturing reliable, cost-effective and innovative Pinch Valves for more then 30 years.

In addition, AKO’s product portfolio includes a wide range of different mechanical pinch valve series, knife gate valves, pipe manometer, pressure relief valves, sleeves for pinch valves and pinch valve or knife gate valve accessories.

AKO works with various companies from the widest variety of sectors all around the world. The customers of AKO come from industrial sectors such as chemicals, foodstuffs, paper, power plant and recycling technology, waste water treatment and in particular in the minerals handling, cement, sand and silo engineering sectors.

Pinch Valves, Air operated Pinch Valve, Mechanical Pinch Valve:

Pinch Valves are the ideal solution for isolating and regulating abrasive, corrosive and fibrous products. The Pinch Valve is being used more and more as an isolating valve or regulating valve for emulsions, sludges, dusts, gaseous materials, compressed air, powder, granulates, pellets etc.

There are two types/models of AKO Pinch Valves available:
Air operated Pinch Valves are supplied directly with compressed air/fluid

Mechanical Pinch Valves are actuated under force from a mechanism and actuator

Knife Gate Valve:
The Knife Gate Valve is a uni-directional wafer valve for general industrial application. The nominal widths available range from DN050 to DN1200 with flange connections complying with EN 1092-2 PN10 or alternatively, ANSI B16.5.

The Knife Gate Valve is predominantly used in the paper and pulp, chemical, and mining industries, in power station technology and the food industry. However, they are increasingly being used in biogas plants, sewage treatment plants, and in the sugar, steel and animal feed sectors.

Pipe Manometer:
The line pressure of the pipe manometer is indicated by means of a pressure gauge which is connected to the valve body. The valve body is filled with glycerin which procure the line pressure to the pressure gauge.

Pressure Relief Valve:
The pressure relief valve is the safe and economic solution to protect a pump and plant against overpressure. The pneumatic Pinch Valve will be pressurized through the pressure relief section by a minimum differential pressure of 2 bar air supply over medium pressure. When the medium pressure in the pipeline increases, the Pinch Valve start to open and the overpressure passes trough the bypass and the Pinch Valve.

Sleeve for Pinch Valve:
Sleeves for Pinch valves are manufactured in various forms and according to the body`s design or construction type. Depending on the application, different materials can be chosen e.g. natural rubber, EPDM, neoprene


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AKO Armaturen ist Quetschventilhersteller. Neben pneumatischen Quetschventilen bietet AKO mechanische Schlauchquetschventile, Flachschieber, Rohrdruckmittler und Überströmventile und diverses Quetschventilzubehör an.

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