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Level Measurement & Controls, Flow & Dust Detection Instrumentation, &

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+1 402 4349102 +1 402 4349133

7201 North 98th Street
Lincoln, NE 68507
United States

2019 2018
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Last updated: Nov 16, 2016

About BinMaster

BinMaster offers continuous level inventory management systems including SmartBob, the non-contact 3D LevelScanner, SmartSonic ultrasonic and Smartwave radar devices. Point level indicators include rotaries, capacitance probes, vibrating rods, pressure and tilt switches.

Other products include dust & flow detection, plus aeration devices. Sensors are applied in powders, bulk solids & liquid materials for the feed, seed, & grain, bioenergy, food, plastics, pulp & paper, power, mining, and concrete industries. Established 1953, BinMaster is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Control Systems Equipment, Controls, Level Controls, Level Indicators, Bin Level Indicators, Capacitance Level Indicators, Continuous Level Indicators, Continuous Level Measurement - Radar, Paddle Level Indicators, Rotating Vane Level Indicators, Environmental Control Equipment, Environmental Engineering Services, Dust Emission Monitoring, Silo Storage Equipment & Systems, Silo Discharge Equipment, Live Bottom Flow Devices, Aeration Devices

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