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National Bulk Equipment Inc.

Bulk material handling, packaged material reclamation& bag emptying

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+1 616 3992220 +1 616 3997365

12838 Stainless Drive
Holland, MI 49424
United States

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Last updated: Nov 1, 2017

About National Bulk Equipment Inc.

Every piece of equipment that bears the NBE name is the product of forward thinking and designed to deliver real results to your production processes. NBE thinks forward; always considering the equipment’s function within the larger process to ensure that your NBE bulk material handling equipment won’t just fit in, it will greatly enhance your production line, right to your bottom line. By looking downstream into your production processing system, NBE will apply our vast materials and process knowledge to configure all the required equipment features that will optimize your entire system’s performance.

NBE’s forward thinking methodology is rooted in the belief that equipment used to store, discharge, mix, weigh, fill, and move dry material to the heart of your operation needs to be regarded as an integral first step in your production line. Not just independent pieces of material handling equipment. After all, your entire production facility is at the mercy of the performance and reliability of this material handling equipment. Partnering with NBE you’ll discover that what you get out of your production process is the direct result of what we put into our bulk material handling equipment.

Hardened materials in bulk bags are crushed with NBE’s hydraulic actuated deblocking rams so materials can be discharged completely and easily from the bag spout.


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Bulk Materials Handling Process Integration Application Case Studies

Bulk Bag Unloader with E3 Dispensing System

E3 bag spout interface bulk bag discharger system installed to reduce material dust, product loss, production downtime, and other material handling issues associated with a customer’s bulk carbon black unloading process.

High-Lift Lift & Seal Box Discharger

A manufacturer of engineered composites uses chopped strand fiberglass with binders in their manufacturing process. The facility has four production lines, each of which uses the chopped fiberglass.

Intelligent lift & seal container discharger automatically dispenses bulk material by sensing downstream production needs.

The NBE process and design engineering teams put into place a bulk system to automate, and more fully integrate the bulk material introduction and handling, as well as the material transfer operations of the processing line. The system includes NBE lift & seal container dischargers, incline belt conveyors, and touch screen interface PLCs running production-line specific programs developed by NBE.

NBE`s bulk bag discharge system reliably transfers customer’s non-free flowing material directly from the bulk bag to an existing mixer as the processing system demands.

The bulk bag unloading system comes complete with manual and automatic controls for all the required options to unload non-free flowing materials from bulk bags.

Intelligently designed bulk bag filler maximizes bulk filling while minimizing operator handling and involvement.

NBE`s automated bulk bag fillers are engineered for accurate, repeatable, and dust-free material filling while maximizing the productivity of the material filling and downstream processing operations.

NBE severe duty bulk bag discharging system crushes rock-hard materials to provide complete, and contamination-free discharge directly into the customer ’s existing material conveying system.

A leading pharmaceutical company had serious dry bulk material handling challenges discharging a primary ingredient into their system due to the condition of the material packaged in bulk bags.

Hardened materials in bulk bags are crushed with NBE hydraulic actuated deblocking rams so material can be discharged completely and easily from the bag spout.

A leading pharmaceutical company had a bulk material containing several proprietary ingredients. The process material severely agglomerated into a single 2000 pound lump when packaged in bulk bags, significantly slowing material processing line speeds.

NBE`s automated Bag Discharger provides loss-in-wieght feeding of various food ingredients in a safe and efficient manner.

A multi-national household products conglomerate had an application to introduce a dry powder, methyl cellulose, into a liquid mix tank without agglomerates or fisheyes. Methyl cellulose is a finely divided, extremely hygroscopic powder that has poor flow properties. It is used as a thickening or extending agent.

Dust free, contamination free and complete material discharge of non-free flowing material directly from the customer’s container to their process is achieved on a consistent and repeatable basis.

Minimizing horizontal surfaces and areas for material and contaminates to collect while providing a rugged construction to withstand the harsh plant environment and required duty cycle of the equipment were mutual design challenges NBE solved with this 5000 pound capacity container discharger.