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Solimar Pneumatics

Solimar discharge aids promote flow in storage silos, filters and weig


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+1 763 5741820 +1 763 5741822

8001 Ranchers Road NE
Minneapolis, MN 55432
United States

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Last updated: Nov 22, 2018

About Solimar Pneumatics

Solimar Pneumatics designs and supplies aeration devices and discharge aids for storage silos, hoppers, filters, bulk tank trailers and railroad cars. Solimar’s experience in the discharge of dry products has made it a recognized leader in the industry. With a network of knowledgeable distributors, Solimar sells to over 65 countries worldwide.

Solimar’s Fluidizer helps to discharge dry products like cement, flour, feed and lime. Instead of only aerating the product like fabric aerator pads, Solimar Fluidizers use air movement and vibration to facilitate the flow of dry bulk materials. The air movement from the Fluidizer sweeps the product off the silo wall and allows for even flow to the discharge outlet. Utilizing a variety of fitting sizes, the Solimar Fluidizer can be used with high-pressure compressed air or low-pressure air from a blower. The patented Fluidizer disk is made of food grade silicone which is tear resistant and can withstand temperatures of 170°C (350° F). Non-Food grade, high temperature disks are also available. These disks can withstand temperatures of 230° C (450° F) Solimar can provide charts detailing air consumption rates and pressure requirements. With dimensional information provided by the customer, Solimar can also make recommendations on Fluidizer quantity and placement.

Solimar now has a line of Mini Fluidizers. These units are half the size of our original [/b]Silo Fluidizer[/b]. They can be used in small hoppers and pipes. The disks are available in blue, white and high temperature.

We are also proud to announce that we have designed the industries first Metal Detectable Fluidizer Disk. This disk was designed for use in the food industry where zero contamination is required.

The Solimar manhole cover uses a single lever instead of five or six levers like many other covers. Solimar also handles a complete line of aerators for dry bulk tank trailers.

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