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Monitor Technologies LLC

Level Measurement Sensors & Level Controls, Solids Flow Indicators, Du

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+1 630 3659403 +1 630 3655646

44W320 Keslinger Rd.
Elburn, IL 60119
United States

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Last updated: Jul 16, 2019

About Monitor Technologies LLC

Monitor Technologies offers practical solutions in bin level indication & control, level measurement, silo inventory management, solids flow monitoring, moisture measurement, particle emission (broken bag) detection and bin aeration for the storage of most powder & bulk solids and some liquids & slurries. Application materials include: feeds, grains, plastics, dry food ingredients, cement, fly ash, coal, aggregates, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and more.

For over 60 years we have strived to provide high quality products, extensive application support and trusted customer service. Monitor is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer.

Continuous Level Measurement Instrumentation:

- Silo Patrol plumb bob level sensors

- RadarRight non-contact radar continuous level sensors

Point Level Controls:

- Model KA / KAX rotary paddle level switches

- SafePoint true fail-safe rotary paddle level indicator

- MK-2 & MK-2e RF capacitance level probes

- Diaphragm style level switch

- Tilt switches

- Vibratory level sensors

Material Handling Devices:

- SFD / SFI Solids Flow Monitors

- QuantiMass Solids Flow Measurement Systems

- HumiCore Moisture Measurement Systems

- DustAlarm ES / DustTrend ES Particle Emission (Broken Bag) Detectors

- Bin Aeration Devices - Rectangular Air Pad, Evasser, Flo-Pad

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- Plastic Processing

- Food Processing

- Feed Processing

- Grain Processing

- Aggregates, Cement, Asphalt

- General

-- Sharing High Level Detection Amongst Many Bins

-- Selecting the Right Technology for High Temperature Applications

-- Detecting a condition consistent with a flow stoppage within a chute or conveying line

-- Detecting Coal Flow Problems in Power Plants

-- Detecting a condition consistent with a flow stoppage within a chute or conveying line

-- Charcoal Manufacturer Improves Inventory Accuracy & Reliability

-- Continuous Level Measurement of Extremely Lightweight Specialty Materials

-- Determining the bulk density of a material to improve accuracy of material weight calculation

-- Detecting a condition consistent with a flow stoppage within a chute or conveying line