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+44 208 3318646 +44 208 3318647

Central Avenue, University of Greenwich
Chatham Maritime, Kent ME4 4TB
United Kingdom

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Last updated: Jun 19, 2017

About Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology

“Providing Cost-Effective Solutions to Industrial Problems”

The Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology is part of the School of Engineering at The University of Greenwich at Medway, Kent and has specialised in solving materials handling problems since 1973. The Centre undertakes leading edge research into a wide range of problems associated with the handling and storage of granular and powder materials, including all grades of aggregates, alumina, cement, coal, flour, grains, pellets, plastics, sugars, starches, pharmaceutical powders and wood chips, to name but a few.

An important aspect of the work undertaken by The Wolfson Centre relates to its independent and impartial status. This enables the evaluation of plant schemes and recommendations for equipment types to be made based purely on the basis of suitability for the application.

The Wolfson Centre is continually improving the understanding of the behaviour of particulates in handling and storage systems and can offer Consultancy services to industry in the fields of:

• Hoppers and Silos
• Pneumatic Conveying
• Product Feeders
• Product Quality (segregation, attrition and caking)
• Environmental and Transport effects
• Dosing and Dispensing
• Instrumentation and Control
• Abrasion and Wear
• Overall system design and integration
• Sampling
• Dust prevention and control
• Packaging
• Processing of powders and bulk solids

Industries served include:

• The pharmaceutical sector
• Food and drink
• Mining and quarrying
• Renewable energy
• Recycling
• Household goods
• Pet food
• Grain handling and storage
• Chemicals
• any other industry involved in the handling of powders or bulk solids.

We have the greatest collection of resources to tackle solids handling challenges all under one roof, anywhere in the UK or Europe, possibly in the world! Our industrial scale plant is available for your project, including pneumatic and mechanical conveying, hoppers and silos, screening, blending, feeding, dosing, pressing, transport, drying, environmental effects, control systems and all that you find in a real plant or logistics chain. Many of the tests and models used have been developed here and are available nowhere else in the world!

Our industrial consulting engineers have between them, well over a hundred man-years of experience in solving problems in the flow and processing of powders, granules and lump materials. These people concentrate on nothing else but the needs of industry – and are at your disposal. They are backed up by a large team of researchers engaged with pushing back the boundaries of bulk solids characterisation, handling equipment design and process models.

The Wolfson Centre is registered with The Law Society Register of Expert Witnesses, and can provide assistance in assessing powder and bulk solids handling plant when required.

The Centre also provides a comprehensive series of short courses which are delivered at The University’s campus or on site in a bespoke format. These cover topics such as

• Quality in Powder Handling
• Storage and Discharge of Powders and Bulk Solids
• Pneumatic Conveying of Bulk Solids
• and a general course entitled An Overview of Particulate Handling Technology.

If you have a bulk solids handling problem, don’t struggle on by yourself - ‘Phone us. There’s a 95% chance our engineers have seen the same problem on other plants, or with the same or similar materials elsewhere! Even if we haven’t, we have the experience to find the right path to the solution you need.