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Velco GmbH

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+49 20 5120870 +49 20 51208720

Haberstr. 40
42551 Velbert

2019 2018
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Clicks 192 279

Last updated: Nov 2, 2018

About Velco GmbH

For more than 40 years VELCO produces installations for the metallurgical industry such as gunning machines and installations for the repair of refractory linings. Our new development is the GUNMIX system which improves the moistening of the gunning material and reduces dust and rebound. For the hot repair of EAF, ladles, RH-degassers etc. Velco has developed suitable gunning robots.

Moreover VELCO produces installations for the injection of carbon, lime, alloys or DRI into furnaces. VELCO supplies machines which transport even most difficult bulk materials like filter- or abrasive dusts. We design and manufacture dispensers for dense as well as for dilute phase pneumatic conveying.

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