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Via Cavour, 338
Ponte Motta-Cavezzo (MO) 41032

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Last updated: Jul 12, 2018


Since 1969 WAMGROUP has been designing, engineering and manufacturing equipment for bulk solids discharging, conveying, dosing, mixing solids with solids and solids with liquids, for dust filtration, and for solids-liquid separation. This has led to the most comprehensive product range available on the market today and has made WAMGROUP a world leader in the supply of components for dry solids storage, handling and processing plants.

Production is divided into Manufacturing Divisions who pride themselves on great expertise and know-how in such technologies as:
Dust filtration, silo safety, material flow control, feeding and discharging of powders and granular materials, mechanical and pneumatic conveying of powders and granular materials from horizontal to vertical, mixing, blending, conditioning and granulating, handling and treatment of sludge and other viscous or adhesive materials, as well as solids-liquid separation.

The WAM Conveyor Division specialises in:
Tubular and trough screw conveyors and feeders, vertical screw conveyors, shaftless screw or spiral conveyors, live bin bottoms, concrete reclaimers.

The WAM EXTRAC Division specialises in:
Bin activators, FIBC (Big Bag or Bulk Bag) dischargers and fillers, automatic bag splitters and manual bag openers, bag compactors, twin shaft lump breakers, powder pumps.

The WAM MAP Division specialises in:
Continuous and batch mixers, dust conditioners and granulators, ploughshare mixers, shovel tool mixers, ribbon blenders, twin shaft paddle mixers, conical screw mixers, laboratory mixers, continuous mixers for mortars or plasters, conditioners and granulators for ceramic or foundry dust, propellers for pneumatic conveying systems for dry building materials.

The WAM Filter Division specialises in:
Shaker-type, vibrator-type or reverse air jet dust collectors for venting or suction applications including negative pressure, equipped with bag, pocket or cartridge filter media.

The WAM Valve Division specialises in:
Dust-tight butterfly and slide gate valves, diverter valves, dome valves, ball segment valves, safety pressure relief valves for silos or bins, pipe elbows for pneumatic conveying systems, volumetric micro-batch screw feeders.

The WAM SPECO Division specialises in:
Solids-liquid separation equipment such as grit classifiers, sand traps, screw screens, screw compactors, manure thickeners, complete waste water and septage mechanical pre-treatment units, extra-heavy-duty helicoid screw flighting.

TOREX specialises in:
Telescopic loading spouts or bellows, drop-through and blow-through rotary valves, pinch valves, diverter valves, impact flow meters for powders or granules, level indicators and probes, gain-in-weight or loss-in-weight screw and weigh belt feeders.

RONCUZZI specialises in bucket elevators, chain (drag) conveyors, Archimedes water screw pumps, hydrodynamic screws.

FLITECH specialises in helicoid screw flighting, screws, worm-on-pipes, spirals.

WAMGROUP equipment is used in the following industries:
Ready-mixed and precast concrete, asphalt, dry premixed building materials, marble processing, flour milling, animal feed milling, food processing and packaging, sugarhouses, cocoa and chocolate, winery and distillery, salt processing, pasta making, oil and seed processing, plastics, rubber, chemicals, pulp and paper, fertilizers, pesticides, tannery, dye works, detergents, washing powder, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, sheet metal plasma or laser cutting, polishing, grinding and burring, shot blasting, wood working, ceramics, brickworks, paint processing, varnish and resin processing, cement, lime, gypsum processing, crusher plant, mining and quarry plant, fabrication, foundry, steel mills, glass processing, wastewater treatment, de-dusting or dust filtration plant, animal by-products, farming, stockbreeding.

Examples of materials handled by WAMGROUP equipment:
Alumina, barium sulphate, bentonite, blast furnace cement, calcium carbonate, coffee powder, corn flour, egg powder, filler dust, fly ash, iron oxide, kaolin, nickel powder, pellets, pigments, Portland cement, pozzolanic cement, preblend, PVC, rice flour, salt, sawdust, spinach powder, starch, stearic acid, sugar, talcum powder, titanium dioxide, urea, vitamins, wood chips.

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Hydrodynamic Screws:

Trading Subsidiaries:

WAM Adria (Croatia)

WAM Argentina

WAM Australia

WAM Baltic (Estonia)

WAM B.H.M (Belgium)

WAM Chile

WAM Egypt

WAM Engineering (UK)

WAM Eurasia (Turkey)

WAM Singapore

WAM Finland

WAM France

WAM France Environnement

WAM GmbH (Germany)

MAP GmbH (Germany)

WAM Helvetia (Switzerland)

WAM Holland

WAM Italia (Italy)

WAM Japan

WAM Korea

WAM Latin (USA)

WAM Maroc

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