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Design & Manufacturing of Pneumatic Conveying Systems & Components


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69 William St
Belleville, NJ 07109
United States

2022 2021
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Last updated: Dec 7, 2021

About VAC-U-MAX Co.

VAC-U-MAX specializes in design and manufacture of pneumatic systems and support equipment for conveying, weighing and batching of dry materials. The primary technology for conveying is vacuum, but positive pressure pneumatic systems as well as mechanical conveyors are used as applications dictate. An equally important activity is design and manufacture of heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaners, ranging from small air and electric powered drum styled units to large electric and diesel powered units.


VAC-U-MAX equipment and systems are sold worldwide. Major markets for conveying systems include the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. Specialty applications include conveying of small parts and objects, including coins and heavy metal powders.


A pioneer in vacuum pneumatic conveying, VAC-U-MAX has had many firsts, including air-powered venturi power units, direct-loading of vacuum-tolerant process equipment and vertical-wall Tube Hopper material receivers. A UL-listed designer and manufacturer of control panels, VAC-U-MAX furnishes integrated control systems that provide coordination of material movement, batching, and processing, with tie in capabilities to existing control systems.


After consultation with a customer to arrive at system design and equipment specifications, customers materials can be tested for flow characteristics and other qualities under simulated conditions in the companys well-equipped test laboratory. Equipment designs are rendered on CAD. Drawings can be provided on Disk. Complete installation, startup, operator training and follow-up support are offered.


Pneumatic Conveying Systems
    VAC-U-MAX Conveying Systems are designed to move dry
    products from any kind of powder to bottle caps and anything
    that will convey through a tube. [+]Learn More

    • Vacuum Conveyor for Hot Melt Glue Chips
      Hot melt adhesives have increased production, reduced waste
      and costs, and improved product appearance… [+]Learn More

    • Vacuum Conveying Systems
      VAC-U-MAX Basic Vacuum Conveying Systems consist of a
      Single Pick-Up Point, a Single Vacuum Receiver and… [+]Learn More

    • Vacuum Conveying System: Direct Charge Blender Loading
      The principle of vacuum transfer has been proven to be a
      better way to move many types of… [+]Learn More

    • Vacuum Conveying System for Loading Tablet Presses
      Vacuum tablet press loaders are furnished as complete, ready
      to-operate systems for mounting on customers’… [+]Learn More

    • VAC-U-MAX Vacuum Conveyors
      VAC-U-MAX Mini Hopper with a nominal capacity of about 1/8
      cubic foot will convey material up to 500 pounds… [+]Learn More

    • VAC-U-MAX Vacuum Conveying System with Check Sieve
      Security Screen while conveying. Screen out foreign materials,
      reduce exposure with a totally enclosed system. [+]Learn More

    • Tube Hopper Material Receivers
      Tube Hopper vacuum receivers provide vacuum conveying
      solutions for even the hardest-to-handle materials. [+]Learn More

    • Signature Series™
      VAC-U-MAX Signature Series(TM) for for free-flowing & non
      free flowing powders. [+]Learn More

    • Refilling Volumetric / Gravimetric Feeders
      Loading & refilling loss-in-weight feeders operating in
      continuous mode requires the right kind of
      equipment. [+]Learn More

    • Potassium Permanganate & Dry Chemical Vacuum Conveying
      VAC-U-MAX has developed an innovative way of handling
      wastewater treatment chemicals, including Potassium… [+]Learn More

    • Pneumatic Conveying Batch Weigh Systems
      VAC-U-MAX combines modern computerized technology with
      innovative mechanical and pneumatic design… [+]Learn More

    • Pneumatic Bottle Cap Conveying System
      Ideally suited for handling powders, granules, tablets, capsules
      and other pharmaceutical items, vacuum… [+]Learn More

    • Multi-Ingredient Handling Systems
      VAC-U-MAX Mutli-Ingredient Handling Systems are designed
      around the parameters of the process. [+]Learn More

    • Mobile Vacuum Conveying Systems
      VAC-U-MAX mobile conveyors are furnished with lift frames to
      accommodate varying discharge heights. [+]Learn More

    • Granulated Carbon Recovery Systems [+]Learn More

    • Gel Cap & Capsule Conveying Systems
      Gel Cap and Capsule Conveying System with compact
      filterless vacuum receiver and vibratory tray feeder. [+]Learn More

    • ColumnLift™ Vacuum Conveying Systems
      No stair-climbing, lifting, scooping or dumping. Easier access
      to process vessels with open & close hatches. [+]Learn More

Batch Weighing Systems
    VAC-U-MAX combines modern computerized technology with
    innovative mechanical and pneumatic design to produce
    ingredient handling systems that not only free operators of
    physical effort but also perform sophisticated pneumatic
    conveying operations with little human assistance. Each system
    we design is custom engineered for the application parameters
    provided by the customer, to ensure that the system will perform
    to exact requirements. [+]Learn More

Bulk Bag Unloader
    VAC-U-MAX Bulk Bag Unloading Systems, also known as Bulk
    Bag Dischargers, are specifically designed to provide an easy,
    clean and economical way to discharge the entire contents of
    bulk and semi-bulk bags, especially when the material is less
    than free-flowing. The ActivatorTM Bulk Bag Unloading System
    offers a wide variety of options to meet specific bag sizes, bag
    handling requirements and bulk material
    characteristics. [+]Learn More

Bulk Bag Loader
    VAC-U-MAX has designed a number of bulk bag loading frames
    for different applications and will aggressively respond to all bulk
    bag loading opportunities. Two frames are offered as standard
    MDL104130A and MDL1041308. In general, the frames from
    VAC-U-MAX are simple, sturdy frames of square tubular
    construction with four legs and permitting a great number of
    loading options, including the supports for these. [+]Learn More

Bag Dump Stations
    When material must be dumped from bags, Vac-U-Max bag
    dump stations provide operators with a means for doing so at a
    convenient level, with less chance of material spillage and with
    provision for evacuation of any dust that may result from the
    dumping. [+]Learn More

Bag Compactors
    VAC-U-MAX Baq Compactor is rugged in design. Can compact
    up to 150 paper bags depending on the thickness and type of
    bag. It’s all pneumatic design meets Class 1 Div 1 areas. With
    the non-defeat able switch on the door the door the VAC-U-MAX
    Bag Compactor cannot operate with the door open making it
    safe for operators. When connected to a VAC-U-MAX Bag Dump
    Station the compactor cannot operate when the door to the bag
    dump station is open because of the
    interlocking switch.  [+]Learn More

Flexible Screw Conveyors
    Conveys all types of bulk powders and granules. The VAC-U-MAX
    Aero-Flex flexible screw conveyors are engineered to
    transport dry bulk materials at a reduced cost. They convey
    powders and granular material without separation of product.
    Also know as a shaftless screw conveyor the VAC-U-MAX Aero
    Flex conveyor uses a heavier duty spiral then all its competitors
    which means less downtime. VAC-U-MAX guarantees the spiral
    for 2 years.  [+]Learn More

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
    VAC-U-MAX is a premier manufacturer of industrial vacuum
    cleaning systems for production lines and other dust-intensive
    areas. With a VAC-U-MAX heavy-duty industrial vacuum
    cleaning system on site, both your capital equipment and your
    employees will be safer and cleaner. So put our field-proven
    industrial vacuum cleaning systems to work for you, and watch
    dust and other particulate contamination
    simply disappear. [+]Learn More

    • ATEX Certified Air-Powered Industrial Vacuum Cleaners for Combustible Dusts
      VAC-U-MAX compressed-air powered vacuums are ATEX tested
      and certified, and the first-line offerings for Class II, Division 2
      environments due to their bumper-to-bumper grounded and
      bonded design and their reasonable cost and availability. These
      vacuums meet NFPA 77 requirements for grounding and
      bonding - meeting the definition of an “intrinsically-safe system”. [+]Learn More

    • ATEX Certified Air-Powered Industrial Vacuum Cleaners for Flammable Liquids
      ATEX Certified Air-Operated Industrial Vacuums Cleaners for
      Flammable Liquid cleanup. The VAC-U-MAX FR Series are
      Flammable Liquid Vacuums designed for the safe recovery of
      gasoline, diesel fuel, JP-4, JP-5 and JP-8 jet fuels, solid
      materials and non-combustible liquids. VAC-U-MAX Industrial
      Vacuum Cleaners meet NFPA 77 requirements for grounding and
      bonding - meeting the definition of an
      “intrinsically-safe system”. [+]Learn More

    • ATEX Certified Air-Powered Industrial Vac, Submerged Recovery
      The SR Series Submerged Recovery Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
      are designed specifically to vacuum highly combustible debris
      such as energetic products, rocket propellant, shaped charges,
      gun powder and reactive metal powders. These industrial
      vacuums can also be used to collect pyrophoric dusts which
      are capable of igniting spontaneously. The SR Series are ATEX
      tested and certified. [+]Learn More

    • Explosion-Proof Industrial Vacuum Cleaners - Electric Operation
      VAC-U-MAX’s explosion-proof electric-powered industrial
      vacuum cleaners do not require compressed-air, and are the
      only electric powered explosion-proof systems available with 55
      gallon capacity. Systems feature manual filter shaker with all
      parts designed in anti-sparking stainless steel per NFPA
      requirements. A vacuum equalizer kit allows the use of off-the
      shelf static conductive collection bags. Systems are ideal for all
      combustible dust cleaning applications including grain elevator
      and agricultural packaging applications - for Class II, Group F & G
      Combustible Dust environments. [+]Learn More

    • Wet/Dry Portable Industrial Vacuums

    • Air Operated Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

    • VAC-U-MAX Industrial Vacuums, HEPA Vacuums

    • Industrial Vacuums for Silica Dust with HEPA Filtration

    • Continuous Duty Vacuums

    • Combustible Dust Vacuums

    • Liquid Recovery Vacuum

    • Flammable Liquid Recovery

    • Metalworking Shop Vacuums & Central Systems

    • Pharmaceutical Vacuums

    • Trim Recovery Vacuums

    • Intercept Hoppers and Pre-Separators

    • Accessories
Aero-Mechanical Conveyors
    The VAC-U-MAX Aero Mechanical Conveyor is designed to
    convey bulk powders from the source to the process. Ideal for
    food and industrial applications. The Aero-Mechanical is a cost
    effective method for conveying materials.  [+]Learn More
Central Vacuum Systems
    VAC-U-MAX Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems offer the widest
    and most flexible system on the market. Ranging from 10HP to
    100HP systems. VAC-U-MAX offers pre-packaged central
    vacuum systems like the MDL1040 to custom engineered
    systems for the Petro-Chemical industry. [+]Learn More
Pulsonic Bin Activators
    The Vac-U-Max Pulsonic Bin Activator instantly clears bins,
    hoppers and other mass flow devices of compacted solids. It
    can also be used to remove disruptive materials from channels,
    ducts or recesses, and effectively breaks up arching, bridging,
    clinging and other flow problems, restoring free flow even with
    the most difficult materials. The system works by introducing
    multiple instantaneous sonic air bursts directly into compacted
    material to instantly restore flow...without severe shock and
    vibration methods that often damage hoppers. [+]Learn More
Metal Powder Recovery Systems - AM/3D Printing
    Higher productivity. Easier handling. Less waste. The AM-MPRS
    was designed to revolutionize your metal powder recovery
    process by extracting powder from the printing bed using
    vacuum and then sieving the powder for future use. Engineered
    for easy handling of metal powder, the AM-MPRS uses
    advanced vacuum technology to fully extract powder from the
    Additive Manufacturing/3D printing bed, then sieve it for future
    use—all in the 85 less time than traditional extraction. What’s
    more, because it is a closed system, it eliminates the operator
    having to come into contact with the powder, ensuring a safer
    environment.  [+]Learn More
Aero-Mechanical Conveyors
    • When to Convey Pneumatically & When to Convey Mechanically
    • Aero-Conveying: The Best of Both Technologies
    • VAC-U-MAX Aerocon Aero-Mechanical Convey System for the Paint Industry
Pneumatic Conveying
    • Packaging Quality Improved with Vacuum Conveying System Upgrades
    • Fine Details in Sanitary Vacuum Conveyor Design Increase the Bottom Line
    • AM Operation Automates Metal Sieving Process, Reducing Time by 85 Percent
    • Meet Process Needs Without a Custom Design
    • From Source to Destination, Vacuum Conveying Does It All
   [+]Learn More
Vacuum Cleaning
    • Its Not Just About Silica Dust
    • Benefits of a Central Vacuum System without the Central Vacuum Cost
    • Heavy Duty Vacuum Disintegrates Safety Concerns, Unscheduled Downtime and Wasted Manpower in Abrasive Blasting Operation
    • Sweeping Dust & Debris Can Blow Your Safety Rating
    • Handling Combustible Dusts: Preventing Dust Explosions
   [+]Learn More

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