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Your Partner for Conveyor Components in Europe, Africa & the Middle East


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+49 5332 93090

Gurtecstrasse 3
38170 Schöppenstedt

2021 2020
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Last updated: Nov 23, 2020

About Gurtec

Around 50 years ago GURTEC was established as a small family business.

Today, after the acquisition by NEPEAN, the brand GURTEC is back and stronger than ever: Well known GURTEC quality with a strong track record of high quality conveyor components supported by the strength and flexibility of a privately-owned international company.



    • GST Roller Series
      The GST Series is GURTEC’s original multipurpose roller line, with a robust design to
      suit various applications and belt widths. Manufactured in Germany using our fully
      automated production lines, our GST rollers meet international materials handling

    • GUP Roller Series
      With over 12million units sold globally, the GUP Series is our most popular roller
      offering the best value for money in light and medium bulk materials handling. We’ve
      been manufacturing GUP rollers since 1980, using a fully automated production line
      that guarantees GURTEC’s German engineering quality in every roller, with the
      shortest lead times in the market.

    • HM Roller Series
      GURTEC’s Heavy Mining Idler Roller is setting a new standard for high speed mass
      transportation and life cycle costs. Our highly automated manufacturing line utilises a
      flow forming process for extremely round tubes and an end forming process to round
      shell edges and integrate concentric bearing houses to the roller shell body, avoiding
      the need for welding.


    • Frames & Idlers
      Available as frames only or fitted with rollers as idlers. We supply trough carry, impact,
      training, and disc return fixed frames in a wide range of sizes for belt widths from
      350 mm to 3,500 mm (14″ to 138″). Frames are either galvanized or with a painted
      surface finish. All our frames provide minimal gaps between rollers and are designed
      to counteract material build-up. Our frames are designed to maintain an optimum
      conveyor belt profile for low rolling resistance, excellent belt support, good belt
      guidance and long belt life

    • Garlands
      Garlands are mostly used for rollers with larger diameters and in mining areas with
      wider belts and higher belt speeds, as well as in underground conveyors. Our
      garlands can be equipped with plain rollers or with disc rollers as required.

    GURTEC offers a wide range of conveyor pulleys to meet even the toughest demands
    includes a standard range for compact light duty and medium duty pulleys as well as
    engineered class pulleys for heavy duty applications. GURTEC pulleys are available in all
    sizes with masses up to 45 tonnes as drive, tail and bend pulleys. We use an advanced
    design process incorporating Finite Element Analysis to ensure the pulleys are
    designed to world’s best practice. Dead-shaft, wing and deflection wheels for high
    angle conveying are also available


    • ROXDUR
      Reduce downtime and maintenance requirements with ROXDUR wear products.
      ROXDUR is a wear plate product that utilises the latest technology to provide a long
      lasting and durable wear solution suitable for heavy duty and medium duty
      applications. ROXDUR products can significantly increase the life of your fixed plant
      equipment. Our innovative manufacturing processes ensure a superior wear product
      that will save you time and money in the long run. ROXDUR wear plates are designed
      with the highest quality and years of expertise. Our pre-designed products can also
      be customised to fit your requirements.

    • Primary Belt Cleaners
      Primary belt cleaners are generally set up on the head pulley to remove the bulk of
      carry back adhering to the belt. The cleaners are easy to install and maintain, and can
      be equipped with different blade materials.
      • GURTEC offers primary belt cleaners for normal, medium and heavy duty applications
        and abrasive materials

    • Secondary Belt Cleaners
      Secondary belt cleaners are generally set up behind the tangent point where the belt
      leaves the pulley and are responsible for final belt cleaning.
      • GURTEC offers secondary belt cleaners for normal, medium and heavy duty
        applications and abrasive materials

    • Tertiary Belt Cleaners
      Tertiary belt cleaners remove spillage from the belt still there after earlier cleaners.
      These cleaners clean the belt with less mechanical contact i.e. less wearing of the
      belt. These cleaners can also be used with chevron belts.
      • Belt brushes
      • Air knifes for various applications
      •Brush cleaners for light to medium duty applications

    • Tail Protection Cleaners
      Tail protection cleaners remove material adhering to the underside of the belt.
      • Diagonal plow cleaners for light to medium duty applications
      • V-shaped plow cleaners for light to medium applications

    • Loading Sections
      GURTEC loading section components are specially designed to make it easy for you to
      tailor your loading sections to suit your needs.
      • Skirt board sealings
      • Sealingless loading sections
      • Impact beds

    • Monitoring Systems
      GURTEC offers a wide range of belt conveyor monitoring, control and safety solutions, including:
      • Real time conveyor belt monitoring systems
      • Pull cord emergency stop switches
      • Startup alarm systems
      • Rotation detectors
      • Belt misalignment switches
      • Level limit switches
      • Blocked chute detectors
      • Belt rip detectors
      • Maintenance ans inspection hatches
      • Belt conveyor covers
      • Belt lifters