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DJS Process Consulting Ltd.

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+44 1740 631733

Falls Farm
Hett DH6 5LN
United Kingdom

2019 2018
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Last updated: Nov 2, 2018

About DJS Process Consulting Ltd.

DJS Process Consulting Ltd. was formed by David J Smith BSc., CEng., CSci., FIChemE. Focusing on formulated products, the company’s mission is to help clients at all stages of the product development cycle from upstream innovation to delivering an efficient and profitable manufacturing process.

DJS Process Consulting Ltd. will provide strong technical knowledge to move you from formulated product concepts to the selection and design of robust process equipment options to make products at any scale, with the required quality attributes and within identified cost constraints. We are equally adept at being part of a team to deliver a project over a period of time (an interim technical management role) or in a shorter term consulting/trouble shooting environment.

Services -

1) Technical Consulting
2) Product Development Strategic Advice
3) R&D technical support
4) IP & Expert Witness services
5) Remote Process Monitoring and Automation –
Unique blend of process engineering and IT/programming skills
Deliver tailored cost effective solutions to enable medium sized and smaller companies to access their process data
Provide remote technical support services enabled by the remote data access systems