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EDEM is the market-leading software for bulk material simulation

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About EDEM

EDEM is the market-leading Discrete Element Method (DEM) software for bulk material simulation.

EDEM is used for ‘virtual testing’ of equipment that handles or processes bulk materials in the manufacturing of mining, construction, off-highway and agricultural machinery, as well as in the mining and process industries.

Companies worldwide that handle or process bulk materials such as coal, ores, soil, pellets, and powders deploy EDEM technology to:

• optimize equipment design and performance
• enhance product innovation
• increase productivity and operational efficiencies for greater profitability
• improve understanding of complex bulk particle systems

EDEM can be used as a stand-alone tool or in combination with other CAE tools such as finite element analysis (FEA), multi-body dynamics (MBD) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).