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SWR engineering Messtechnik GmbH

Measuring systems for bulk material and solids

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+49 7635 8272480 +49 7635 82724848

Gutedelstr. 31
79418 Schliengen

2018 2017
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Last updated: Jan 15, 2018

About SWR engineering Messtechnik GmbH

Welcome to SWR engineering Messtechnik GmbH

Your specialist for the measurement of mass flow of dry bulk solids

Since 1994 we have solved customers problems involving the processing of solid materials.

Our aim is to assist you to increase your productivity with technology which is state-of-the art and simple.

Made in Germany is a logo that synonymous with quality, we are proud to display this.

Our company is dedicated to delivering solutions to the marketplace for:

• material mass flow measurement, lean & dense phase
• level control
• continuous moisture measurement
• dust filter damage monitoring
• dust emission measurement
• dust velocity measurement

Important Links - Products

SolidFlow 2.0 - Dry bulk solids measurement

MaxxFlow HTC - Solids flow metering

DensFlow - Material flow metering in dense-stream

PicoFlow - Continuous flow measurement at low solid/air ratios

M-Sens 2 - Online humidity measurement

Dusty - Filter damage monitoring

ProSens - Dust measurement

Sensor calibration ProSens

AirSafe - Continuous ambient air dust monitoring

SpeedFlow - Speed measurement for solids

FlowJam - Material flow monitoring

FlowJam Plus - Material flow monitor with blockage detector

FlowJam A - Material flow monitoring for hose lines

FlowJam S - Material detection

SlideControl - Flow monitoring for air slides

ProGap - Fill level monitoring

ProGap S - Limit level detection

Nico 15/30 - Radar sensor for continuous level measurement of bulk materials

Important Links - Industries

Business: Chemicals

Business: Energy & Enviroment

Business: Wood industry

Business: Construction materials industry

Business: Steel industry

Business: Food industry

Business: Other industry

Important Links - Service and quality for our Measurement Products

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• Production

• Technical Consulting

• Technical Service

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