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Creators of the Powder /Bulk Portal

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Sommerkellerweg 20
83671 Benediktbeuern

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Last updated: Apr 28, 2018

About Online Services Dr. Wohlbier

On July 1, 2001, Dr. Reinhard H. Wöhlbier and his wife Ute started The Powder/Bulk Portal ( ), the information center for the worldwide powder and bulk solids handling and processing community, after having run Trans Tech Publications, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany, for close to 30 years.

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The Portal covers all technical fields from surface mining and mineral processing to pharmaceutical engineering, from conveying and crushing of big boulders to nanoparticle technology.

The portal features the worldwide used eDirectory search engine; about 100 Specialized Forums, the Who`s Who, the BULK-BLOG at ; the BULK-VIDEOS at and many other services.

The eDirectory ( is a powerful search engine containing close to 4.000 international equipment manufacturers, consulting and engineering companies, research institutions and universities.

Information on Marketing and Advertising on The Powder/Bulk Portal:

The bulk-online eDirectory search engine presently covers these major categories:

Mechanical Conveyors
Mechanical Feeders
Pneumatic Conveyors
Hydraulic & Slurry Conveying Equipment
Stockyard Storage Equipment & Systems
Silo Storage Equipment & Systems
IBCs FIBCs Bags Sacks Storage Equipment
Container Storage Equipment
Mechanical Processing Equipment
Thermal Processing Equipment
Weighing & Proportioning Equipment
Sampling & Quality Control Equipment
Measurement & Analysis
Process Automation
Control Systems Equipment
Power Transmission Equipment
Vacuum Technology
Powder Coating Technology
Environmental Control Equipment
Safety Products & Systems
Bulk Ports & Shipping
Mining Equipment
Dredging Equipment
Construction Equipment
Cement Manufacturing Equipment
Power Plant Equipment Suppliers
Transportation Services
Manufacturing Services
Wear & Abrasion Protection
Used Equipment
Repair & Maintenance Services
Consulting Testing Engineering Services
Education/Training/Research & Development
Trade Publications
Trade Associations
Information Services
Trade Exhibitions & Conferences
Courses & Seminars
Engineering Software
Leasing, Rental, Finance
Internet Portal
Information Center

The following Specialized Forums are offered:
( )

General Aspects
Ask Lyn Forum
Sampling & Statistics
Weighing, Dosing & Proportioning
Moisture Analysis
Level Control
Metal Detection / Magnetic Separation
Abrasion & Corrosion Problems
Dust Control & Suppression
Fire & Explosion Protection, ATEX
Environmental Aspects
Repair & Maintenance Aspects
Quality Control & Assurance

Continuing Education
Research & Development
Flow Properties of Powders & Bulk Solids
Particle Characterization & Analysis
Nanoparticle Technology
Engineering Software Aspects
Publications, Standards, Patents
Associations, Institutes & Societies
University News

Mechanical Conveying
Trough Belt Conveying
Pipe Belt Conveying
Steep Angle Conveying
Aerial Ropeways
Screening & Feeding
Solutions for Screws, Segregation & Solids Flow
Loading & Unloading

Pneumatic Conveying
Vacuum Technology

Hydraulic Conveying

Briquetting & Agglomeration
Powder Processing
Size Reduction & Comminution
Mixing & Blending

Silos, Hoppers, Bins & Domes
Stockyard Storage
Stacking Blending Reclaiming
Packaging, FIBCs, Bags, Sacks
Transport of Powder & Bulk

Thermal Processing
Drying Technology

The Forums also contain busy sections on

News from Industry:
New Projects, Tenders, Inquiries
New Products, New Orders
Jobs & Vacancies
Company News
Consultants Database
Representatives & Distributors
Corporate Profiles
People & Positions
Case Studies
Technical Articles
Used Equipment

Mitteilungen aus der Industrie
(in German language)
Neue Projekte, Ausschreibungen, Anfragen
Neue Aufträge
Technische Berichte
Veranstaltungen, Ausstellungen
Veröffentlichungen, Patente, Normen
Stellensuche / Stellenangebote
Vertretungen / Repräsentanten

Industry Forums
Mining & Quarrying
Cement Lime Gypsum
Bulk Ports & Shipping
Power Generation
Iron & Steel
Chemical & Pharmaceutical Processing
Agricultural Engineering
Recycling & Waste Management

International Powder/Bulk Events
Exhibitions, Conferences, Seminars
(+ special Forums on POWTECH Nürnberg, PBS Chicago, Powder/Bulk Shanghai, BULKEX, BULK ASIA, etc.)

Forums on „bulk-online Statistics“
(containing information such as Google Analytics, Alexa Traffic Rankings, eDirectory Traffic Rankings, `bulk-online Leader`, `bulk-online Sponsor`, News Watch, Forum Watch, etc.)

On July 1, 2009, the bulk-online Forums celebrated their 50,000th post. This is exactly 8 years after The Powder/Bulk Portal was officially started.

The Forums now have over 12,000 Members and over 13,500 Threads. These statistics indicate that The Powder/Bulk Portal must be one of the most dynamic Portals in this field. Hundreds of thousands of Users/Readers have visited this Portal during the past eight. Please join the crowd and see what the Portal has to offer.

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