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AViTEQ Vibrationstechnik GmbH

Solutions in solids handling and processing

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+49 6145 5030 +49 6145 503200

Im Gotthelf 16
65795 Hattersheim

2017 2016
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Last updated: Mar 4, 2017

About AViTEQ Vibrationstechnik GmbH

AViTEQ has its roots in the AEG group and started in 1939 as AEG Vibrationstechnik located in Frankfurt/Main. It has been renamed in 1998 to AViTEQ. With partners in 34 countries, we are close to our customers and their needs.

Drive components and vibration feeder plants based on vibration feeder technology form the core range of the spectrum.
We offer comprehensive worldwide service for commissioned AViTEQ and AEG systems and supply high quality components and feeders for nearly any application. Our competence for solving problems is based on the experience collected in thousends of implemented applications and units worldwide.

AViTEQ vibratory equipment is under operation where ever bulk material handling is needed. You will find our machines in the material industry allover, for the winning and processing of coal, sand, limestone, glass, in the cement, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, fertilizer, food and forage industry, steel plants and foundries.

AViTEQ vibration feeder technology guarantees maximum adaptability and the flexible design of conveying lines with highest safety and hygiene requirements.

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Conveying technology

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• Trough conveyor

• Tubular feeder

• Reversible trough/tubular conveyor

• Guided arm trough conveyor

• Spiral conveyor

• Strewing plate

• Compact feeder

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• Vibrating table

Screening technology

• Linear vibrating

• Circular motion screen

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Process technology

• Vibrating fluid-bed system

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Drive technology

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• Unbalance motor

• Unbalance Exciter

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Controller technology

• Controller

• Accessories


• Construction, Quarries, Pits, Mining, Cement

• Steel Production, Foundry Technology

• Recycling, Environment, Glass

• Food, Animal Feed

• Chemicals, Plastics, Pharmaceuticals


• discharging, feeding, conveying

• screening, classifying, dewatering

• spreading

• sorting, dosing, storaging

• vertical conveying

• compacting, loosening

• cooling, heating, drying

• weighing