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Geroldinger GmbH

GEROLDINGER – Smart Bulk Technology

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Last updated: Jan 11, 2017

About Geroldinger GmbH

GEROLDINGER – Smart Bulk Technology

Geroldinger engineers and manufactures tailored solutions to move bulk solids reliably and precisely to various processes.

The materials handling specialists are leading global providers of technology for a wide range of complex applications. On the basis of Geroldingers experience with hundreds of plants and facilities the company developed a unique product for producers and processors of bulk materials - the Bulk Solids Logistics Plant. A one stop plant that buffers and conveys bulk solids in exact quantities at the right speed to wherever they need to go. Geroldingers Bulk Solids Logistics Plant proof outstanding operational reliability and a customized operator interface.

Patented components like the OSZILLOMAT discharge and dosing aid especially developed for demanding bulk solids or the MULTIGON – an octagonal silo - allowing exceptional applications.

Geroldinger handles these demanding bulk solids:
Aerosol, anhydrite-sand or grit, ash, bed ash, fly ash, bran, brick dust, carbon black, clay, chalk, cement, dry mortar, fertilizers, filter cake, alternative fuels (RDF, fluff) fintalc, flour, foil chips, every kind of flakes (dried pet food, wood, foil, wax, soap, paper, recycling material, textiles, electric waste), gypsum, kaolin, lime, meat and bone meal, melamine, milk powder, malt, oxalic acid, phosphate, plaster, provender, sludge, sugar, salt, starch from corn, grain or potatoes, blast furnace sludge, soja pellets, silica sand, soda, synthetic rubber, TIO2 ( titanium dioxide), urea, wood chips, … to name just a few.

These industries trust in Geroldinger solutions:
Chemical industry, paper production / paper mills ( kaolin, titanium dioxide, starches), food industry, recycling industry, waste industry, cement industry (meat and bone meal, lime, fly ash..), power plants (regarding solutions for bed ash and flue gas desulfurization with urea) , pharmaceutical industry, plastics processing industry, garbage incinerating plants ( sludge), wood industry ( urea, melamin), provender industry, primary industry,

Services and Main Products:
• Complete section of industrial plants constructed for the purpose of storing, discharging, weighing, dosing, loosening, blending, and conveying of bulk goods (especially those of low flowability). Includes all control systems and necessary equipment for mechanical processing.

• Round Silos

• Multigon Silos (Rectangular silo)

• Agitators, multiple screw systems, vibration floors, pneumatic loosening systems.

• Pneumatic conveying – low, medium and high pressure conveying

• Mechanical Conveying – Screws, elevators, troughed chain conveyors

• Process Control Technology

• Engineering, Consulting and Testing Services

Important Links:


Big Bag Discharge

Material takeover from Trucks

Round Silos

Multigon Silos (rectangular silo)

Oszillomat (silo discharging device)

Screws for discharging

Screws for conveying

Bin Activators


Trough Chain Conveyor

Bucket Elevators

Pneum. Conveying


Additional Keywords:
Bolted silo, silo storage, mass flow silos, process controls, mass flow feeders, pneumatic conveyors, welded silos, screw feeders, dosing feeders, live bottom feeders, bridge breaking feeders, cooling conveyors, oscillating feeders, chain conveyor, screw conveyor, continuous weighers, silo blenders, silo discharge, mass flow screw feeders, mechanical flow devices, live bottom flow devices, bin activators, discharge aids, bulk handling specialists, process optimization, mechanical conveyors, difficult hard-to-handle bulk solids, Abrasiveness, flammability, bridge span, density, elasticity, explosion risk, flow profile, viscousness, granularity, grain shape, cohesivity, compressibility, danger of encrustation, wear and blockage, cohesive, hygroscopic, segregating, anisotropic, elastic cohesive, cohesive viscous, free flowing,


GEROLDINGER Schüttgutlogistik-Anlagen für KOMPLEXE Anwendungen

Die Geroldinger GmbH ist ein mittelständischer Engineering- und Fertigungsbetrieb für Schüttgut-Intralogistik-Anlagen.

Der Spezialist aus Österreich ist bekannt durch sein umfassendes Know-how für komplexe Schüttgüter und Anwendungen.

Industriekunden aus aller Welt mit kohäsiven, hygroskopischen, entmischenden, pastösen oder kaum fließfähigen Schüttgütern vertrauen auf betriebssichere Siloanlagen von Geroldinger.

Geroldinger steht für Pionierleistungen, wie Harnstoffsilos mit 450 Kubikmeter und Austragung nicht fließfähiger Ersatzbrennstoffe (Klärschlamm, Fluff) oder pastöser Erden aus großen Bunkern. Basis des Geroldinger-Know-hows ist die einzigartige Ressourcenkombination aus den technologischen Grundlagen der Schüttguttechnik, modernem Maschinenbau und intelligenter Elektrik/Automatisierung.

Wichtige Links:


Big Bag Entleerung



Multigon Silo (eckiger Silo)

Oszillomat (Silo Austragsgerät)







Pneum. Förderung


Weitere Stichworte:
Schüttguttechnologie, Schüttgutlogistik, Fördertechnik, Fördersystem, Schüttgutanlagen, Schüttguthandling, Siloanlagen, Siloaustragsysteme, Silogeometrie, Edelstahlsilo , Fliesstoerung, Brückenbildung, Schachtbildung, Entmischung , Massenfluss, Pneumatische Fördersysteme, kohäsiv, hygroskopisch, schwerfließend, dosieren, Differentialdosierwaage, Förderschnecken, Anlagensteuerung, Prozessleitsystem, Prozessautomatisierung, Verfahrenstechnik

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